Hey y’all. I am Chandler Dunlap. I live in Claremore, OK. I enjoy late nights with my keurig, computer, + Greys—maybe not enjoy but its pretty much my life. I am a wifey and mama. I love gas station pizza, lulu pants, tennis shoes, cool weather, and Netflix. I am likely wearing a cardigan at all times— my husband calls me a grandma (kinda true, but cooler than your average grandma). I am a lake girl, it’s hereditary. I enjoy interior design or really just fixer upper...

I am a sarcastic, zero make up, holy jeans— kinda girl. I love spending time with my people. I love authentic love and moments.

I am a high stress person— pretty sure its genetic, like it has to be or I am confused how one person could be blessed with the amount of anxiety I have. I passionately in love with Jesus. I love to joke/make fun/poke at every situation life throws at me. My girl P is the biggest blessing, watching her grow & learn is rad. I mean seriously it’s the coolest thing, I have kept her alive and perfect for almost five years. BIG deal here + my life revolves around her and my guy.

basically, I am boring.

recap: I love pizza, P girl, cardigans & anything Shonda Rhimes writes/produces